If you’re looking for an iron fabricating specialist to create professional commercial handicap, ADA-Compliant railings – you’ve come to the right place! Greg and his team have provided excellent, flawless ornamental iron to both residential and commercial properties. Please give us a call today!

Captivating Commercial Railings 

Iron stair railings are a basic necessity for every building that has stairs regardless of the number of steps.

commercial railing  business railings

Our commercial railings offer durability, strength, and beauty like none other.  These railings can help you create a stellar first impression for your business – the attention to detail and exquisite workmanship of our masterpieces can impress anyone who enters the premises.

Besides, you wouldn’t want them seeing rusty iron bars or a spiked fence that blocks the view of your business entrance – unless you want them to turn on their heels and walk away.

We know the right balance, and our traditional fabrication can give your railings the strength they need while keeping them artistic and attractive.

All-American Fabrications, Inc. have a knack for crafting just the right kind of commercial railings, gates, and other types of grille work – the kind that looks attractive, holds its ground, and lasts long!

ADA Exterior Railings

We are familiar with ADA guidelines and stick to those guidelines. If you’re a business owner and need ADA compliance we are capable of doing that.

ADA Railing Wheelchair railing

The elderly or those in a wheelchair often feel left out when it comes to accessibility in buildings, offices, parks, and other places because the builders and designers never considered their needs. For example, it can be tough for them to get around a ramp with a missing guardrail.

Being considerate towards them is fundamental to humanity. Be inclusive towards such people, and make sure you have handicap railings as a part of your exterior design.

Want safe, secure and well-designed ADA railings? All-American Fabrications, Inc. is at your service! We follow ADA standard guidelines and recommendations for our ADA Exterior Railings.

We pay close attention to the special needs of people to make sure individuals can use them comfortably.

All-American Fabrications, Inc. ensures these handicap railings are safe to use so that people who struggle with physical disabilities don’t feel left out in public spaces like stairways, ramps, and office buildings.

Get a Quote

If you already have some ideas about commercial or ADA Compliant Railings, we’d love to take a look at those. Otherwise, we can guide you through our sample commercial or Handicap railings on our website so you can make the right choice. You’re not limited to what is on the website – we can create a handicap railing off of any image you send us.

Want to make the most of our services? You can get free estimates from us by simply calling our office at 815-385-4755 or emailing us at americanfabshop@aol.com . Make sure you include the necessary information, including your name, address, phone number, and email address along when you’re requesting for a quote, please make sure you’re requesting the following and photos of the area in which you would like the railings placed.

We are quick to respond, and we make sure all of your questions are answered. Make sure you include photos of the areas where you would like to get railings installed or replaced – we would highly appreciate that!

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commercial iron handicap railings


exterior iron handicap rails


commercial metal handicap railings


commercial metal handicap railings


Commercial & ADA Compliant Railings


Commercial & ADA Compliant Railings


Commercial & ADA Compliant Railings


Commercial & ADA Compliant Railings


Commercial & ADA Compliant Railings


Commercial & ADA Compliant Railings


Commercial & ADA Compliant Railings


Commercial & ADA Compliant Railings


Commercial & ADA Compliant Railings


Commercial & ADA Compliant Railings


Commercial & ADA Compliant Railings


Commercial & ADA Compliant Railings


Commercial & ADA Compliant Railings


Commercial & ADA Compliant Railings