If you’re looking for an iron fabricating specialist to create professional metal staircases, you’ve come to the right place! Greg and his team have provided excellent, flawless metal stairs in a variety of styles to residential, industrial and commercial properties. Give us a call today at 815-385-4755.

Metal staircases are a very common and incredibly reliable structure for any industrial or commercial property. Steel staircases provide strength for high-trafficked areas and safety.

Metal or Steel staircases can come with an array of styles including:

  • Bar grate tread
  • Plank stair tread
  • Straight flights
  • Movable staircases
  • And more

Engineered stairways have strict codes and guidelines – to discuss your stairway project please have your plans and call us. We can help you abide by the guidelines of proper safety. All American Fabrications, Inc. creates custom, precise ironwork with craftsmanship that exceeds expectations with perfection. Our quality and service reflects who we are as a company and as metal fabricators.

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If you already have some ideas about commercial or residential metal stairs, we’d love to take a look at those. Otherwise, we can guide you through our sample commercial or residential steel stairs on our website so you can make the right choice.

Want to make the most of our services? You can get free estimates from us by simply calling our office at 815-385-4755 or emailing us at americanfabshop@aol.com . Make sure you include the necessary information, including your name, address, phone number, and email address along when you’re requesting for a quote, please make sure you’re requesting the following and photos of the area in which you would like the steel stairs placed.

We are quick to respond, and we make sure all of your questions are answered. Make sure you include photos of the areas where you would like to get stairs installed or replaced – we would highly appreciate that!

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steel stairs


metal stairs residential

Metal Stairs Residential


exterior metal stairs

Exterior Metal Stair


steel stairs residential

Steel Stairs Residential


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Iron Stairway


steel stair residential

Steel Stairs Commercial



Steel Stairs Residential/Commercial


Steel Stairs Residential/Commercial


Steel Stairs Residential/Commercial


Steel Stairs Residential/Commercial